We build shopify sites for the finest small businesses in the world

In Austin, TX, and everywhere.

A Little About Us


One advantage we offer compared to bigger agencies is that you'll be talking directly to your personal designer or developer (Lauren or Zak) from inquiry to launch. You won't be working through a project manager who is guarding your creative team's time. When we work with you, we're ALL IN! 



"My old web designer isn't responding…" "I'm not sure what that password is…" "I have no idea where my original logo files are anymore…"

Being reliant on someone else to access  your site means you aren't actually holding the reins of your own business anymore. We believe in "showing our work," and training you in basic site maintenance before we let you go! (Don't worry, it's easy.) We'll always be here for you after launch, but you'll feel like a true owner, confident in the fact that you can manage it yourself.


we know that clarity = conversion

It's easy to let your site become a "braindump" for everything  you are and what you offer. But conversion is all about clarity. We'll help you fine-tune your architecture and content to create a site with no speed bumps between your customers and checkout. A confused mind is a non-buying mind. So clarity is the #1 priority.

If you're interested in starting a Shopify project with us, or just want to gather some information for planning purposes, we want to hear from you! 

How did we get here?


Well, thanks for asking. Lauren fell in love with designing for the web in 2005 while Zak was zooming around the Mediterranean on a Navy cruiser. When Zak finished his time with the Navy, he dove straight into web development, turning Lauren's freelancing enterprise into a partnership that we love deeply. 



Zak is the coding and development half of H+H. Also loves: baseball diamonds, bikes, noise-canceling headphones, PB & Js and spy movies.



Lauren is the design-loving half of H & H, and go-to for all things visual. Loves: old time radio mysteries, hand-painted signs, black tea, shelter dogs, road trips, and Jessica Fletcher.