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Ongoing Site Maintenance


Your website is alive! Think of your site as your employee of the month, EVERY month! It works for you 24/7/365. It can be your top salesperson, marketing professional, window display, tireless assistant, best customer advocate, client-educator, problem-solver, appointment-maker, storyteller, and brand genius. 

It does all of this for a fraction of one yearly salary. It doesn't ask for anything from you and it rarely (but does occasionally) take a sick day. Like an employee, you need to invest in the training and resources if you want it to perform well. It needs to be supplied with fresh, updated information (content) and modern tools, or it will stop doing its job. If enough time passes with no attention, it can outright quit, or become so unproductive that you'll need to fire and rehire. We want to avoid that! Your top employee CAN stay lean, fast, relevant, and beautiful, but you'll need a plan. We have crafted three monthly retainer options to choose from in addition to our regular hourly rate.


"As-needed" maintenance is always available to H & H clients, but it has two downsides.

First: wait time. Nobody likes to stand in lines! But we can only dedicate a limited amount of time per month for unscheduled, hourly updates. So, a request that you have in May might not be implemented until June, or even July.

The bigger disadvantage is that this type of maintenance is not strategic. It doesn't provide any long-term insight. Ad-hoc maintenance feels like putting out fires, or pulling obnoxious weeds. Scheduled maintenance feels like trimming a bonsai tree, or planting seeds for the future. A certain amount of weed-pulling may be necessary if you're just starting out. But if you can budget to get one cycle ahead of those weeds, you will start to notice the benefits of consistent, strategic maintenance in the performance and longevity of your site.



Pro: short, predictable wait time. For clients ready to make a recurring commitment, we can offer a dedicated half-day session for site updates every month. You can keep a running list of priorities and questions, and expect that they'll be addressed or completed on a specific day each month. 

Cons: no collaborative strategy sessions or consulting.

A half-day (4 hours) of updates every month. 480/mo


Pros: little or no wait time. A collaborative, creative, and practical goals session (by phone, email, Skype, screenshare, or in-person), with a full day of work scheduled every month to execute the ongoing plan. A speedy pace of progress that allows for constant adjustment, experimentation, and momentum.

Cons: Bigger investment. More appropriate for businesses with established sales.

A monthly strategy session and one full studio day (8 hours) for execution of work. 950/mo


Pros: Consulting sessions to establish an ongoing digital plan, with work performed one day per quarter (vs. per month). Studio day rate is divided into easier monthly payments.

Cons: Longer wait time in between scheduled work days. Slower (but steady) pace of progress.

A quarterly strategy session and one full studio day (8 hours) for execution of work. 350/mo


This add-on service is available to clients with a retainer plan. With this service, we'll interface directly with your customers for you via email: we'll help them with checkout issues and answer site-related questions directly on your behalf. We'll also identify support ticket trends, and translate customer feedback into ideas for improving your site.

Webmaster service can be added to any retainer plan. 250/mo