We build shopify sites for the finest small businesses in the world

In Austin, TX, and everywhere.

HH Friends and Referrals


Please note: availability changes every day. Apologies in advance if someone you contact from this list says "Sorry, all booked up!"


1. Other Shopify design/developers. Here are some folks we trust; also listed in the Shopify Directory

Witty Creative

Nine15 Studio

Curious Themes


Aeolidia (our former teammates!) 



2. Developers who can help with "tweaks" to existing Shopify sites. Tell them we sent you!

Luke Hatfield (dev only)

Erik Silver: email (dev only)

Hey Carson


3. SEO

Whitecap SEO

 Kimberley Herrington (Haven't worked together personally but comes highly recommended.)


4. Copywriters + Content Strategy

Sara Frandina

James Turner

Lexicontent (haven't collaborated yet but impressed by their work!)


5. Great studios for (non-Shopify) blogs and info sites.

Meg Summerfield (squarespace)

Code Love Creative (wordpress and more)

Pitch Design Union (squarespace and wordpress)

Elembee (wordpress)

Followbright  (wordpress + custom solutions)

Victoria McGinley (wordpress)

Less Than Three Studios (wordpress)

Aeolidia, our former teammates! (wordpress)

Intentionally Designed (squarespace)


6. Logo and graphic design, brand strategy, art direction, etc:

Ashlee Proffitt

Cormier Creative

Darling Studio

Fly Away Design

Grit & Wit

Intentionally Designed

Mariah DeMarco

Nesha Designs

Phyllis Sa

Spruce Rd

Saffron Avenue

Salted Ink


6. Email, ebook, and digital product design genius:

Cormier Creative

Paper & Oats


7. Branding specialists who are also available for  packaging and product design:

Mariah DeMarco

Modern Species


8. Illustration:

Judy Kaufmann

Mariah DeMarco

Less Than Three Studios

This Paper Ship

Tammie Bennett

Nisee Made


9. Legal for creatives: 

Autumn Witt Boyd

Patrice Perkins

Do you know of someone (maybe yourself!) who would be a good fit for our list? The #1 requirement is reliability. We also value over-the-top customer service and a strong body of existing work to reference. Please email: lauren@hardage-hardage.com to be considered.