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The project start date has arrived! Sooo, now what?

There are no shiny mockups to see quite yet! But rest assured: gears are cranking into motion. On this end, we're having a kickoff session dedicated to your new site.

By now we will have gathered all that we think we need to start working, but if you think of anything you'd like us to know at any point, never hesitate to shoot us an emailIf you're curious, here are just a few of the questions we'll be working through on this day:

  • What is the exact project timeline? Any delays anticipated?
  • What is the exact scope list, based on the proposal and your expectations?
  • Any inquiry emails/notes from phone calls?
  • Go through every single page of the existing site and evaluate its current content.
  • What are the pain points and bottlenecks in the existing site flow? Pain points noted in the inquiry?
  • Any special features or functionality on the existing site that need to be addressed  or researched?
  • Possible implementation problems? (Any essentials on the existing site that didn't make it into the proposal? Any functionality that won't translate well to the new site?)
  • Any essential content missing? (Create a checklist if necessary.)
  • Can we streamline, eliminate, clarify the site architecture? Create a new sitemap if necessary.
  • What's going on with the top 2-3 competitor sites? Any cool functionality we should consider? What are their current promotions like? Social presence? How do we evolve our site to the next level?
  • Quick review of site analytics.
  • What elements should be present on the home page? What is the primary home page CTA? 
  • Wireframe any special requirements for item pages. Custom fields? How will variants operate? Will both simple and complex item page templates be needed?
  • What kind of client training will be necessary? Any special tutorials to create for unique functionality?
  • What social platforms are currently being used? Should any be added or dropped?
  • How is the design process going so far? Are we on track to deliver an initial design concept soon?